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Solid Roots in the Past - Committed to the Future

Heitmann Industrial Construction Services is a medium-sized company from Hamburg, Germany. We offer construction services such as building construction, concrete work, pipeline and sewage duct construction, canalisation, maintenance of industrial plants and groundwork using innovative technology

Heitmann Group GmbH

is the management company of the

Heitmann Group.

Heitmann Middle East Industry Maintenance L.L.C. is based in

Abu Dhabi and provides

its suction excavator services all over the U.A.E. as well as in adjoining Middle East countries.



Heine Real Estate Construction Services was established in 1920 in Hamburg.

It`s business unit has been

adjusted, committed to the requirements of the current time. Today Heine has been established to one of the leading companies in the sector of redevelop-ment in Hamburg.


Heitmann Itelko is the specialist for IT and telecommunications and advices and supports small and medium-sized companies in and around Hamburg, Germany.

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